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Elbit Systems

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Elbit Systems' Hermes™ 900 leverages over 3 decades of experience in UAS and in maritime C4I.

It combines a reliable and highly autonomous UAS, high performance payloads, and maritime C4I capabilities to cover and monitor large areas in the maritime environment with no pilots required.

Interactively controlled from mobile land based mission systems, fixed operation rooms or own force ships, Hermes 900 provides multi-sensor data and live video in real-time to mission operators and ship crews at sea.

Hermes 900 UAS can operate stand-alone or can be integrated in to an overall setup of aircraft, ships, shore or offshore based sensors, maritime control centers and HQ.

Hermes 900 can perform versatile missions such as EEZ monitoring & control, coastal protection, surveillance & protection of vital assets (such as oil rigs), anti-piracy operations, environmental monitoring, search & rescue operations as well as participation in Naval warfare (ASuW), Sea-Shore operations, and more.

Major Features
• Line of Sight and SATCOM Data Link.
• Capability to operate over sea & land.
• Redundant flight avionics architecture for maximal safety & reliability.
• Highly autonomous operation.
• Maritime C4I capabilities embedded in the mission control station.
• Compilation & presentation of a unified maritime situation awareness picture.
• Designed IAW STANAG 4671.
• Available payloads:
- Gabianno T-200 MPR & SAR/GMTI- AIS
- D-CoMPASS™ EO/IR/Laser
- Skyfix / Skyjam – COMINT/DF & optional COMJAM system
- Communications relay
- Other

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